Cross Country

If you are planning to visit China for the first time, CMT recommend you choose the Cross Country tour to touch China. Diversity sorts of routes under this tour will make you a broad understanding of Chinese culture. It was designed to cover the most popular cities and must-see stops, and the suitable duration will ensure you enjoy a comfortable and fantastic trip along each individual route. Just choose the route you like the most and do not need to compare too hard because all the routes are perfect.

 Coach Tours China Coach Tours is one of our featured tours and it offers a chance for economy tourists to travel with people from all over the world.
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Classic Tours China classic tours is a common tour with chinese most famous cities and highlight attractions. From must-see stops like Forbidden City or The Great Wall in Beijing, Terracotta Army Museum in Xi'an, Shanghai Bund in Shanghai, Li River Cruise in Guilin, and Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.
THE GREAT CITY from ¥1230
THE GREAT CITY from ¥6550
THE GREAT CITY from ¥1396
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