Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake
Lugu Lake
Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake is located between Ninglang County in Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province, about 240 km away from Lijiang.

What does Lugu Mean
In the Mosuo language of Naxi nationality, "Lu" means "a gully" and
"Gu" means "inside". These two words mean "a lake in a gully" when put together.

Why Tour Lugu Lake
The green waves-rippling Lugu Lake is so beautiful that has been affectionately called "a pearl of the plateau" and "pure land of northwestern Yunnan" etc. Primitive and simple folkway, spectacular scenery and fascinating legends have added some mysterious appeal to the area.  

How Big is Lugu Lake
Lugu Lake is a plateau lake with a total area of 52 square kilometers, 2685 meters above sea level. The average depth is 45 meters, the deepest point being 93 meters. The water is very clear. The lake remains na uncontaminated plateau lake.

Mosuo People
On the lakeside lives a special minority group known as the Mosuo, a rare group who still carry on a unique Axia marriage system called visiting marriage. Adult men can visit adult women's house at night. The lovers call each other "Axia" which means "dear lover". The Mosuo people worship female gods and women are the heads of their families. Because of the unique matriarchy, well-preserved by the Mosuo people, the Mosuo society is called "Girls' Kingdom". It is a living fossil of matrilineal society.

Mosuo people have their own ways and customs; still retain some remnants of the matriarchal society. Men and women are not bound by marriage, each living at one's mother's home. Men work at home during the day and spend their night with the women they love in their homes. Children are under the care of and supported by their maternal families. Fathers do not live in the same family with their children and women so that they are not bound up with their women financially in their production and life. This unique wedlock values affection and gives more freedom to men and women in their relationships. They may choose to unite or separate at will. It has been considered as the living fossil as a basis for a study of social patterns and matriarchal marriage customs in today's world.

What is the Most Interesting part of Lugu Lake
The most interesting part of the lake is, the people in the villages are still living in the maternal families. It means they do not marry. Visiting marriage represents the main marriage system of Lugu Lake's Mosuo people. There are only mothers. There is no concept of father. It should be the last matriarchal culture in the world.

Scenic Spots around Lugu Lake
Many cultural sites and scenic spots are scattered along the lakeside. They are Mosuo villages, plateau hot springs, the underground maze-The Lucky Cave, the Chieftain's Palace, the Zhamei Lamaist Temple, Riyuehe - The Ruins of the Yuan Army Quarters when Kublai Khan was on his south - expansion, yongning - the key town on the ancient tea and horse trading route. Many beautiful legends have been circulating among the people.